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Fall into a world of Grumemonsters––hideous zombie-like creatures that thrive in a living hell created by the Puzzleman––where no one is sane down a drain, and down a drain no one is sane.

Follow Amanda Zimmerman, a young sculptress despondently searching for understanding after the tragic death of her infant son...

John Rainbow (a professor of classical history) and Jeannette Orfèvre (a beautiful French vintner) still longing for the love they shared during World War II...

The legless man, seeking retribution and escape from a horror worse than death...

And Ben Henfry, a retired detective itching to get back in the game...

Disparate lives, yet each are meticulously woven together over time to play a special part in the Puzzleman’s twisted vision of eternal life.  Into the black Cathedral Fleur du Sang and into the pipes they must go––into a terrifying world of Grumemonsters, where the inaccuracies of accepted history and the gruesome future of mankind are laid bare.  For Amanda, Professor Rainbow, Jeannette, the legless man, and Detective Henfry, the Puzzleman is a personal demon awakened into a living nightmare––and it’s up to them alone to wage their fight for sanity and salvation.  A fight that swells into a harrowing escape, spanning two continents and the supernatural perversion of time and dimension.  Welcome to the Pipeworld.
Welcome to truth and eternity.

Welcome to the world of the Puzzleman...

Where no one is sane down a drain.  And down a drain no one is sane.