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“PUZZLEMAN brings to mind Freddy Krueger and Pinhead, only if you put them both in a blender with a healthy dose of LSD. He’s a sick bastard, and oozes off the page to coat you in layer of cold goo that you can’t wash off... [Broadstone’s debut novel] is a dark horror fantasy that would do Clive Barker proud with its mix of sex, death, and stark descriptions...”
Jessica Dwyer/

“Working in various media, Broadstone has won awards for his short films as well as his screenplays, and his novel PUZZLEMAN was simply the best written book I read this year. It's safe to say that Broadstone is quickly becoming the next Clive Barker.”
–– Allen Richards/

“Upsetting, enthralling and charged with visceral energy, PUZZLEMAN features one of the most twisted villains of the entire genre, and drags us through an atmosphere that is bizarre, gruesome and incredible.”
–– Matthew Sanderson/

“Broadstone certainly knows how to pull out all the stops...a definite must for fans of mind-benders like WEAVEWORLD and HELLRAISER. PUZZLEMAN is easily one of the grossest, most violent books I've ever read –– and I went to Catholic school! A dizzying maze that takes its desperate bunch of characters literally into the guts of the world, the story's bleak inertia builds to a disgusting, jaw-dropping, and satisfying climax.”
–– Brian Jeurgens/

“Eerie, spooky and devilish are words that are bandied about quite often in today’s Horror community... But Broadstone has gone back to the very source of Evil, with all its Satanic draping and decadent majesty, bringing us a creature that those three words can’t truly describe.”
–– Larry Stanley/

“PUZZLEMAN is for the more intelligent horror fan and that’s what I love about it. It also shows what a wonderful imagination and dark sense of humor Christopher Alan Broadstone has. The writing made me picture what I was reading very vividly and even creeped me out...there’s so much in this book, I’m already starting to read it again...”
–– Eve Blaack/Hacker’s Source Magazine

"[PUZZLEMAN]is, quite literally, an amalgamation of all that is evil. The writing is brisk...and Broadstone’s descriptions are always refreshing and never repetitive...the gore may come in spurts in the initial stages of the narrative, but when it flows, it pours. If you’ve got a soft stomach, there will be times where you want to do whatever the literary equivalent is of covering your eyes and asking a friend to tell you when the scary parts are over. [Christopher Alan Broadstone’s] short films have shown his huge potential as a filmmaker, and now with PUZZLEMAN he has proven himself as a nightmare-inducing writer. The character of the Puzzleman - and his nightmare pipeworld - is brilliant and reason enough alone for you to pick up a copy."
-- Peter/

"PUZZLEMAN exists in a realm called the Pipeworld, which Broadstone describes in horrific vivid detail. PUZZLEMAN is a strong first novel from Broadstone and I am anxious to see what he comes up with next."
-- The Monster Librarian/

“Christopher Alan Broadstone is H.P Lovecraft reincarnated. He may not write like Lovecraft, but he has a mind just like the man... PUZZLEMAN is one hell of a book. It's a mysterious story that takes you on one hell of a ride.”
–– Horror Bob/

“PUZZLEMAN is a change in pace...and has all the blood and guts that a hard core horror fan will love.”
–– Blood Moon Rising Magazine

Through a vivid imagination, Broadstone has the ability to elicit uncomfortable reactions...those who delight in viscera and gore will find plenty to wade a horrific whole, [PUZZLEMAN] satisfies. And with Broadstone being a filmmaker, I hope to see it someday as a movie.
-- Rod Lott/

“PUZZLEMAN is one of the best books I’ve read in years; it's really hard stuff sometimes but it's always exciting.”
–– Oliver Lippert/

“The mind is a terrible thing. And if this book doesn’t prove it to you nothing will.”
–– D.C. Broadstone (the author’s father)