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"This is the third, but hopefully not the last, Christopher Alan Broadstone short film I’ll be reviewing, and though I would say it’s my least favorite, it’s certainly the most emotionally charged...I felt HUMAN NO MORE hit closer to home. That can make for a truly uncomfortable viewing experience...The coloring, cinematography and [the] acting [of Tony Simmons] are quite simply…amazing. Broadstone is less a filmmaker and more an artist. He paints intimate portraits of depravity and despair, justice and hope...Christopher Alan Broadstone must be either the best-kept secret in horror or the biggest threat to what casual horror fans consider “horror” because I’m just not reading enough about him out there."
–– Brian Harris/

“With HUMAN NO MORE writer/director Chris Broadstone has captured the essence of the best of the old film noir genre and brought it right up to date for the modern horror generation - Broadstone at his best!”
–– Alan Simpson/

“[HUMAN NO MORE] is a multicoloured battleground of the spirit, torn between “Heaven, Hell and humanity” that refuses to compromise. A remarkable film, HNM will rip your heart and your soul apart.”
–– Matthew Sanderson/

“[Actor] Tony Simmons has that talent that makes you want to watch him no matter what he's doing... The filthy, violence decorated atmosphere [of HUMAN NO MORE] is gorgeous and the hellish soundtrack inspired by the detective’s frame of mind sets the perfect mood for a creepfest...”
–– Eric Campos/

“[HUMAN NO MORE is] filled with intense dialog that takes your complete attention and concentration... Broadstone's films not only assault you with visuals but also with visceral and psychological writing, sound, and performance.“
–– Eve Blaack/Hacker’s Source Magazine, Issue 18

“HUMAN NO MORE is neo-noir dipped in acid and laid out wet and glistening. Broadstone's dark tale of resignation quite literally gets to the heart of how our despair can both destroy and create, depending on how we choose to use it.”
–– Brian Jeurgens/

"I really loved HUMAN NO MORE. It spoke to me! As an audience member, I was left affected, seduced and unsettled."
–– Writer/Director Alan Rowe Kelly (I’LL BURY YOU TOMORROW)