Review by: The Monster Librarian
By Christopher Alan Broadstone

Christopher Alan Broadstone's first horror novel is Puzzleman, a story about how an artist, her ex-husband, and their teacher/ mentor have come to the attention of the Puzzleman, also known as Conundrum.  Puzzleman exists in a realm called Pipeworld, which Broadstone describes in horrific vivid detail. Puzzleman is not a quick read, while some of the other books I have reviewed have sped along carrying the reader with it, Puzzleman tends to slowly drag you through the gore as Broadstone describes the nightmare that he puts his characters through. Most telling is Broadstone's description of the unraveling of the life of Amanda , an artist,  whose son had died of SIDS and her ex-husband leaves her leaving her prey to the Puzzleman.  There is also an assortment of other characters including a PI and an art professor who find themselves in a quest to stop the Puzzleman.  There has obviously been a great deal of time and thought put into Broadstone's titular creature with an in depth history of Conundrum's activity over the span of time. Puzzleman is a strong first novel from Broadstone and  I am anxious to see what he comes up with next.  Contains: violence, passages of explicit gore and sex. Puzzleman is a Shockline's new voice guarantee.