Author: Christopher Alan Broadstone
Reviewed By: Horror Bob
Overall Stars: **** Scare Factor: ****

Christopher Alan Broadstone is H.P Lovecraft Reincarnated. He may not write like Lovecraft, but he has a mind just like the man. Let's put it this way, Chris is so talented I would trust the guy directing my own work, and writing my ideas into a novel, and I'm the biggest tight ass about my work. But enough about me. Christopher Alan Broadstone is in my mind one of the most undiscovered talents in the horror business. His work can put most writers and directors to shame. I seriously want to know if their is something he can't do right.

Anyway, "Puzzleman" is one hell of a book. It's a mysterious story that takes you on one hell of a ride. Now I'm going to try to explain most of the story to you without getting out of control, I finished the book last night and for the past few weeks I've been reading it. I wish that the book went on. Hell I would love a sequel and prequel to this book.

The story revolves around a few people who are all somehow linked to one another, all because they all either visited a small village in France, lived there or know someone who's been there. In this village is a black Cathedral (Fleur du Sang). Where all the evil started. As explained in the book the puzzleman lives in a pipe world, where everything lives forever. He has a few methods of coming in and out of our world to clam the souls of people (pretty much anyone who crosses his path and finds out about him. I'm going to stop there before I go on forever. You can read the synopsis here. Anyway in terms of comparison the puzzleman is pretty much like Freddy Kruger and Pinhead all in one. He can pop out of an earring and kick your ass while your sleeping, or awake for that matter.

One thing that really kept the story going was the well-developed characters and the twisty yet, straight up plot. The plot does get confusing for the first few chapters of the book, but the thing is that your right along with the characters here, you become them, and feel for them. They are the people we all hope we never become. Yet while reading though the book you begin to feel for them, you think of ways that if you where there you can help them out with their pain. It's that emotional.

The Puzzleman on the other hand is a different story. He is probably one of the most fucked up characters I ever came across. He is his own god. He is ruthless, there is not one weakness that he has. He is as determined as bee protecting their hide. Let's put it this way, I'd rather die and go to hell, than live in the Puzzleman's world.

He makes the Devil of the modern day look like a poodle shitting on the sidewalk. Probably one of the most sadistic monsters ever conceived by an author.

Now I did have a few pet peeves with the book, but nothing to serious, there is a time in the book where, we're treated to a history lesson on how the puzzleman came to be. It's a bout three to four chapters of theology based on the many religious books of the world and all about how the puzzleman came to be and who was responsible for his existence. Now to me it took me away from the story for a while, but after reading the whole book, it only helped me understand the history of the character more. Other than that though, I really have no other complaints.

I have learned one thing from this book, and all guys and girls should take note; Never buy earrings from some guy selling them on the street, especially if he pushes them on you. You never know what you’re going to get.

So overall, I give high marks to Mr. Broadstone. Now will someone with enough balls get this guy more work and help get him out there. Everyone should go to Chris's website and buy this book and check out some of his work. Nothing but good, smart filmmaking and writing. Now all I want to know is when the "Puzzleman" movie will be made?

- Horror Bob